Special Pack Amount List

** Please note that, Telcos can update the below mentioned Special Packs/Bundles Amounts anytime. New amount may get added or removed by operators from existing, which may take some time to update here. Please refer to corresponding Telco Web Site/Help center to know about the updated list.

Operator Connection Type Amount Offer
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid123 GB Facebook & Instagram,15 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1425 local minutes+ 25 SMS for 2 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid16any operator @ 48 paisa/minute, validity 2 days.
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid2128 local minutes and 150MB 4G + 150MB internet 3 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid221.5 GB 4G for 3 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid2340 minutes talktime (anynet), 80 SMS and 23 MB internet 3 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid241 paisa/sec to any local mobile number along with 24 MB 4G Bonus Internet for 15 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid260.9p/sec to any local mobile number and 26MB 4G Bonus Internet for 7 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid2810 local Minutes and 28 MB internet for 4 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid291 GB for 3 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid3240 local minutes, 40 local SMS and 64 MB internet for 5 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid382 GB for 3 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid390.9p/sec to any local mobile number and 39 MB 4G Bonus Internet 10 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid42any operator @ 48 paisa/minute for 7 days.
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid45512 MB for 7 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid4680 minutes talktime (anynet), 160 SMS and 46 MB internet for 7 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid4815 local minutes and 48 MB internet for 6 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid522 GB for 4 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid64115 minutes talktime (anynet), 64 SMS and 64 MB internet for 10 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid661 paisa/sec to any local mobile number and 66MB 4G Bonus Internet for 60 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid74130 local minutes and 400 MB regular + 200 MB 4G internet, 15 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid751 GB for 7 Days(Yolo Offer)
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid94any operator @ 48 paisa/minute for 30 days.
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid981.5 GB + 60 min for 7 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid990.9p/sec to any local mobile number and 99 MB for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1042 GB + 2 GB 4G for 7 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid115200 minutes talktime (anynet), 115 SMS and 115 MB internet. 21 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1293 GB for 10 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid133any operator @ 48 paisa/minute for 60 days.
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1481 GB+ 150 min for 30 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid149200 local minutes, 200 local SMS and 300 MB internet for 21 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1595 GB for 10 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1660.9p/sec to any local mobile number and 166MB 4G Bonus Internet for 60 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1797 GB for 10 days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid179240 local minutes and 1 GB + 0.5 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid193350 Minutes (anynet),SMS 200,200MB for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid19715 GB for 15 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid1981 GB internet for 28 Days(YOLO offer)
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid228410 minutes talktime (anynet), 800 SMS and 500 MB 4G internet,30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid2292 GB for 28 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid278505 Minutes (anynet),1 GB,30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid29730 GB for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid2983 GB for 28 days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid299400 local minutes, 50 local SMS and 2 GB + 1 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid349470 local minutes, 500 local SMS and 1 GB internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid3984 GB for 28 days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid4985 GB for 28 days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid499680 local minutes and 3 GB + 2 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPrepaid574765 local minutes, 800 local SMS and 2 GB internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid7771000 local minutes and 5 GB + 3 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid9991200 local minutes and 8 GB + 2 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
Airtel BangladeshPostpaid14992000 local minutes, 200 local SMS and 10 GB + 4 GB 4G internet for 30 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid110.9 paisa/sec, (any local number), 24 Hours
BanglalinkPrepaid1375 MB internet, 1 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid1425 Minutes (Any net), 24 Hours
BanglalinkPrepaid210.9paisa/Sec, (any local number),3 days
BanglalinkPrepaid2440 Minutes (Any net) + 25 MB, 3 days
BanglalinkPrepaid26150MB internet, 7 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid36250MB internet, 7 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid390.9paisa/Sec, (any local number) 7 days
BanglalinkPrepaid4375 Minutes (Any net)+ 50 MB, 7 days
BanglalinkPrepaid49500MB internet, 7days
BanglalinkPrepaid790.9 paisa/sec, (any local number) 15 days
BanglalinkPrepaid93165 Minutes (Any net), 15 days
BanglalinkPrepaid991.5 GB internet, 7days
BanglalinkPrepaid123215 Minutes (Any net)+ 50 MB, 30 days
BanglalinkPrepaid1296GB Internet, 7 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid1390.9p/sec to any local number, 30 days
BanglalinkPostpaid1390.9p/sec to any local number, 30 days
BanglalinkPrepaid148148 Minutes + 148 SMS + 1GB Internet, Validity 30 Days
BanglalinkPostpaid148148 Minutes + 148 SMS + 1GB Internet, Validity 30 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid1890.9p/sec to any local number, 60 days
BanglalinkPrepaid193350 Minutes (Any net), 30 days
BanglalinkPrepaid19910GB Internet, 7 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid2092GB, 30 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid293530 minutes, 30 days
BanglalinkPrepaid3998 GB Internet,30 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid49910 GB Internet, 30 Days
BanglalinkPrepaid179925 GB internet,30 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1235 MB, 3 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1235 MB, 3 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1425 Min (Any Operator), 16 Hrs
GrameenPhonePostpaid1425 Min (Any Operator), 16 Hrs
GrameenPhonePrepaid211 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 2 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid211 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 2 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid2442 Min (Any Operator), 24 Hrs
GrameenPhonePostpaid2442 Min (Any Operator), 24 Hrs
GrameenPhonePrepaid291 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 3 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid291 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 3 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid31350MB,3 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid31350MB,3 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid3785 MB, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid3785 MB, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid391 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 5 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid391 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 5 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid4375 Min (Any Operator), 4 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid4375 Min (Any Operator), 4 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid482 GB, 3Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid482 GB, 3Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid491 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid491 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid5385 Min (Any Operator) + 50 SMS, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid5385 Min (Any Operator) + 50 SMS, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid56100MB , 30 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid56100MB , 30 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid78135 Min (Any Operator), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid78135 Min (Any Operator), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid791 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 15 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid791 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 15 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid861GB, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid861GB, 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid99175 Min (Any Operator), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid99175 Min (Any Operator), 7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1043 GB,7 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1043 GB,7 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1091 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 30 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1091 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 30 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid113200 Min (Any Operator), 10 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid113200 Min (Any Operator), 10 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1483GB + 3GB 4G Only, 7 days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1483GB + 3GB 4G Only, 7 days
GrameenPhonePrepaid149555 MB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid149555 MB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1891 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1891 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid1985GB + 5GB 4G Only, 7 days
GrameenPhonePostpaid1985GB + 5GB 4G Only, 7 days
GrameenPhonePrepaid199350 Minutes (Any Operator - 30 Days)
GrameenPhonePostpaid199350 Minutes (Any Operator - 30 Days)
GrameenPhonePrepaid2091 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 60 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid2091 Paisa/Sec, (GP-Any), 60 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid2291.5GB,30 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid2291.5GB,30 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid237430 Min (Any Operator), 15 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid237430 Min (Any Operator), 15 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid278500 Minutes, 30 days
GrameenPhonePostpaid278500 Minutes, 30 days
GrameenPhonePrepaid2793GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid2793GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid3372.5 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid3372.5 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid3995 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid3995 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid4273.5 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid4273.5 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid6096 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid6096 GB, 28 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid64915 GB, 30 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid64915 GB, 30 Days
GrameenPhonePrepaid99830 GB, 30 Days
GrameenPhonePostpaid99830 GB, 30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid17100 MB,3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid18350 MB IMO, 28 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid19100 MB + 100MB FB IMO BONUS, 3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid23150 MB,3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid29200 MB + 20 Minutes,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid37500 MB, 3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid412 GB,3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid4375 Minutes,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid46250 MB,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid482GB + 1GB 4G,3 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid49any local number 50p/min,Robi to Airtel and Robi 5 SMS, 7 Days
Robi TelecomPostpaid5385 Minutes,7 Days (For postpaid user)
Robi TelecomPrepaid58600 MB+30 mins+30 SMS,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid59100 Minutes,7 Days
Robi TelecomPostpaid61100 Minutes,10 Days (For postpaid user)
Robi TelecomPrepaid74750 MB, 14 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid891GB,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid981 GB + 50 LOCAL Mins +100 LOCAL SMS, 7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid99180 Mins,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1011.5 GB,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid106any local number 50p/min, 30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1082GB + 2GB 4G,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid118215 Minutes,10 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1191 GB ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1293GB + 3GB 4G ,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1491GB + 75 Mins + 30 SMS ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid166any local number 50p/min, 60 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid183300 Minutes, 30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid194350 Minutes ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid1997GB + 3GB 4G +(Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen, Mysports subscription) ,7 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid2092 GB 30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid218380 Minutes ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid244400 mins ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid2512 GB+150 Min +150 SMS ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid2781 GB+500 Mins ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid3164 GB ,30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid3997GB (5GB+2GB 4G),30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid50110 GB(7GB+3GB 4G) + (Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen, Mysports subscription),30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid64915 GB + (Iflix, Robi TV, Robi screen, Mysports Subscription),30 Days
Robi TelecomPrepaid91120 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid1954 Paisa/minute in any local number + 20 Minute bonus, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid211 GB,7 Days(For Agami)
TeletalkPrepaid231 GB, 7 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid24250 MB, 7 Days(For Agami)
TeletalkPrepaid2965 Paisa/minute in any local number(Youth), 7 Days /60 Paisa/minute in any local number(Oporajita,Shadheen,Projonmo), 7 Days
TeletalkPrepaid333 GB, 3 Days
TeletalkPrepaid36 2 GB, 7 Days(For Oporajita)
TeletalkPrepaid383 GB, 7 Days
TeletalkPrepaid39500 MB, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid431 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid441 GB, 30 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid451 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid461 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid533 GB, 10 Days(For Agami)
TeletalkPrepaid593 GB, 10 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid772 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid782.5 GB, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid791 GB, 30 Days(For Mayer Hasi)
TeletalkPrepaid812 GB, 30 Days(For Agami)
TeletalkPrepaid832 GB, 30 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid875 GB, 15 Days
TeletalkPrepaid891 GB, 30 Days(For Agami)
TeletalkPrepaid935 GB, 15 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid9965 Paisa/minute in any local number(Youth), 30 Days/60 Paisa/minute in any local number(Oporajita,Shadheen,Projonmo), 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid101175mins + 97 SMS in any local number, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid1121.5 GB, 15 Days
TeletalkPrepaid1195 GB, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid1312 GB, 30 Days(For Mayer Hasi)
TeletalkPrepaid14910 GB, 7 Days(For Oporajita)
TeletalkPrepaid1672 GB, 15 Days
TeletalkPrepaid16910 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid17910 GB, 30 Days(For Bornomala)
TeletalkPrepaid18710 GB, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid1992 GB,250 Minute (any Operator),SMS 100, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid2013 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid244400 Minutes+200 SMS+ 1.5GB Any Operator, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid299380 Minutes+100 SMS + 2 GB Any Operator, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid3015 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid3918 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid44510 GB, 10 Days
TeletalkPrepaid64915 GB, 30 Days
TeletalkPrepaid84920 GB, 30 Days